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Our Emergency Dental Care and After Hours Dentistry


If you’re experiencing significant dental pain, sensitivity or discomfort this is generally a good indicator from your body that something is wrong. When you are hurting or have suffered a dental accident it is important to relax and then seek prompt emergency dental care. It’s important that you don’t delay when seeking treatment or use any unsubstantiated remedies; doing so can lead to permanent damage that can be difficult or costly to repair later on.

At About Smiles our emergency dental care is available on a same-day basis, with after-hours dentist appointments possible from 8am until 7pm on Thursdays and from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays. If you are suffering from an emergency dental situation urgency is key to an effective treatment, do not delay and book now on (02) 9415 3555 Chatswood / (02) 9313 6388 Zetland / (02) 8488 9994 Westfield Eastgardens, or request a call back service online.

Our Chatswood practice is close to Chatswood Travel Interchange and within walking distance from both Westfield and Chatswood Chase.

Our Zetland practice is conveniently located opposite East Village Shopping Centre, close to inner city suburbs such as Alexandria, Rosebery, Waterloo, Kensington and Erskinville. Street parking is available nearby and the shopping centre in Zetland also offers 2 hours of complementary parking.

Eastgardens clinic is located within Westfield Eastgardens, on the 1st level with easy on-site parking.

Our emergency dental care and after-hours dentist appointments are available for many painful ailments, common and rare, including:


Pain Management in the Meantime

If you are in pain there are various strategies to help manage the pain, depending on your emergency, while you wait for a same day or after-hours dentist appointment.

Toothache – Clean around the tooth gently with warm salt water, rinsing to displace any debris that may be trapped between the teeth. If there is facial swelling apply a cold compress. Under NO circumstances use aspirin on the gum or aching tooth. Possible causes include infection and abscesses, but it is impossible to diagnose without directly observing the issue. Seek dental attention immediately and contact us as soon as possible.

Knocked Out Teeth – Find the tooth, making sure to handle it by the crown (i.e. the top) and NOT the root. Perform a careful and quick rinse before trying to reinsert it into the socket. Hold it in the socket by biting down on a clean piece of gauze or cloth. If you cannot reinsert the tooth transport it in a cup of clean water or milk, do not let it dry out. Additionally do not scrape or remove any tissue or gum fragments that may be attached to the tooth. Finally, contact us, quick action will save the tooth.

Broken, Chipped, Fractured Teeth – Rinse the mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to manage the swelling. Attempt to locate any lost fragments. In the case of very loose teeth, removal is preferable to prevent swallowing or inhalation. Call us immediately.

Broken or Lost Dental Appliance (Aligners, Dentures, Fillings, Crowns, etc.) – Book a prompt dental appointment to arrange the repair of the broken or damaged appliance. Toothache may be present with a lost or broken crown or filling, so immediacy is preferable.

Schedule an Appointment Now

Don’t ignore your dental emergency, the sooner you can see us the better as prompt treatment will minimise the risk of permanent damage. Contact us on (02) 9415 3555 Chatswood / (02) 9313 6388 Zetland / (02) 8488 9994 Westfield Eastgardens.

For emergencies a phone call is preferable! However, you can still submit an online form for a call back service.


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