Local Business Dental Program

Are you a business owner or work for a business near us? As part of our community commitment, we are pleased to invite you to become a partner in our Local Business Dental Program.  Your company can join this program without any entry cost or any further on-going administration costs. The administration of the program is managed in house by the team at About Smiles. There are benefits to both employers and employees by joining the program.

Benefits to the Employer

The beloved Elbow Room Espresso on Spring Street, Chatswood is a proud member of About Smiles’ Local Business Program.

Benefits to Employees

Terms and Conditions

The Practice reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions and amend or terminate service offerings under the Program as it sees fit and without prior notice. Members will be notified once changes are applied or as soon as practical.

Dental services offered under the Program cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions unless specified.

The corporate rates are not applicable to specialist dental services as listed on the website or offered by the Practice unless specified.

The Program relationship is between the individual and the Practice, and the individual uses the services of the Practice through the Program in their personal capacity and at their own risk.

Members must verify and confirm corporate membership with staff when booking appointments.

Members are responsible for any outstanding payments at the time of appointment. The maximum discount is $500 per treatment plan, regardless of the number of visits required unless the member is on a treatment plan. Treatment plans typically cover multi-visit treatments including but not limited to dental implants. If the member is not on a treatment plan, the maximum discount is $500 per visit. For example, if the retail rate for a particular treatment plan is $5000 and a 10% discount is applied for the corporate membership, the member will only be charged $4500 for the plan and any further discount is not applicable on this treatment plan.

The maximum discount that can be accrued per member is $2000 per year, regardless of the number of treatment plans the member is undergoing unless specified