I’m unhappy with the look of my teeth. What can I do?

We all have that friend who has that Hollywood smile – Perfectly straight teeth, pearly white and exuding confidence. They seem happier and healthier. These ideas have been proven in multiple studies, which show that individuals who smile more: Live longer Have decreased cortisol = The stress hormone Improved mood = Release of ‘happy’ hormones […]

General Dentists vs Paediatric

Have you ever gone to a dental appointment and suddenly you’re told you need to see a dental specialist? Cue concern and anxiety. Let’s step back, and firstly focus on what is the difference between a general dentist and specialist? A general dentist focuses on the whole mouth, maintaining good oral hygiene, treating issues which […]
Man at the mirror

Dr Docherty features in Men’s Health Magazine

To get your chompers rivalling The Rock’s, you need to be aware of some of the common teeth-staining culprits, stick to a good oral-health routine and get across the best teeth-whitening options. No idea where to start? We’ve got you covered.
About Smiles Dental Centres - (NAME)

About Smiles East Gardens and Zetland welcomes Dr Michelle Pinto

Dr Michelle Pinto will be joining our About Smiles Team in June. She is excited to work at About Smiles, a practice that has not only committed to investing in the best digital dentistry has to offer but is also as committed to their patient’s confidence in their smile as she is.
Easter Dental Care

Caring for Young Teeth this Easter

With Easter weekend just around the corner, this means only one thing for your child: an abundance of sugary, chocolaty treats which can play havoc on their teeth and gums.