Advanced and Restorative Treatments

Are you missing one or more teeth due to decay or an accident? Have you been suffering from long-term or ongoing dental issues, such as comprehensive periodontal disease? Do you need a same day opinion on a dental emergency situation? For these serious or severe dental issues About Smiles can help. We have a multi-disciplinary team and a fully equipped modern facility ready to treat more advanced dental cases.

Our team works collaboratively, pooling their extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best dental care we can for rare and advanced cases. We have experience in providing positive outcomes and treatments for single implants, full arch bridges, emergency maxillofacial surgery and more. So schedule an appointment at our Chatswood or East Village clinic today and discover a superlative level of care.

General Dental

Our Advanced Procedures

Our facility is kept to NSQHS standards and features the latest in dental technology, such as a CT Conebeam scanner. We use this ultra-modern equipment alongside our friendly and knowledgeable team to provide our clients quality dental care. Learn more about our advanced procedures, and find the oral care outcome you need:

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o discuss any of our advanced procedures please feel free to contact us on (02) 9415 3555 for Chatswood or (02)9313 6388 for East Village. We are happy to discuss the right option for you and schedule an appointment where you can get a quality dental outcome.

Prefer a call back service? enquire online, and our team will get in touch.