Dental Implants and Missing Teeth

Teeth can be lost through a number of reasons such as through disease, decay, or trauma.

Missing a tooth or teeth doesn’t only affect your smile and your ability to eat, it can also make you look much older. Even missing one tooth can damage a person’s confidence, especially if they are young.

Having missing teeth can bring on speech problems and also cause remaining teeth to shift which can create cosmetic dental problems and increase the risk of cavities, malocclusions and gum disease.

If there are many teeth missing, it can cause the skin around the mouth to sag and it also means that the jaw bone dramatically shrinks and changes shape. This occurs because the roots of the missing teeth that had stimulated the surrounding bone have gone. With no stimulation the bone literally dissolves.

These problems can be remedied in a number of ways — the most common approach being to place dental implant(s), or a bridge or partial denture.

Properly placed, dental implants are mostly a stress-free and everlasting substitute for a missing tooth or teeth.

The About Smiles team in Chatswood in Sydney’s North Shore are experts in all aspects of teeth replacement treatment. With a dedicated operating theatre, an on-site laboratory, we are also able to place dental implants, crowns and full arch bridges within a single day for many patients.

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