Confidence Boosting Cosmetic Treatments

Are you looking to brighten your smile and prefer the reassurance of professional teeth whitening? Do you require a dentist’s opinion on your potential options to correct misaligned teeth? Do you have facial wrinkles that you’d really like to eliminate? At About Smiles we offer a range of cosmetic treatments that may help improve your self-image and have you feeling more confident about your smile.

From our Chatswood, Sydney, dental centre and East Village branch in Zetland, we provide an affordable and superlative level of care across all our cosmetic treatments. Our staff are warm and friendly ensuring you are properly cared for when you come in for your appointment. With extensive experience you can expect a fantastic outcome in all our offered treatments.

Cosmetic Treatments

Our Cosmetic Options

Our impressive, modern clinic is staffed by highly qualified dental professionals and equipped with the latest technology. We provide thorough and considerate care to all our clients in all our procedures, these include:

Discover the New You

Revitalise your smile and appearance with a cosmetic dental treatment today. Call on (02) 9415 3555 for Chatswood and (02) 9313 6388 for East Village

You can also enquire online to schedule an appointment or to simply learn more about our range of procedures.