Teeth Coloured Fillings

If you have a sweet tooth or haven’t looked after your teeth, there is a greater chance that you might develop tooth decay. In Australia alone, 57 percent of people think that they will get tooth decay at some point in their lives; based on the study made by the Australian Dental Association. Tooth decay is common in people who consume a lot of sugar. The sugar feeds the bugs which produce acids that soften and dissolves the enamel thus, creating holes or what dentists referred to as cavities. If not treated, tooth decay can result in pain and tooth loss.

Tooth decay can be treated through a filling or dental crown. Once the dentist has checked that the cavity hasn’t reached the innermost part of your tooth, they may carry out a filling. We offer tooth coloured restorations or white tooth fillings to fill any cavities that have formed in your teeth. At About Smiles there are two common types of tooth coloured restorations:

Once the dentist has checked your tooth, they can start the procedure by injecting a local anaesthesia to make sure you feel nothing at all. In some cases, no anaesthesia is needed especially when the cavity is not too deep or just a tiny dot on the tooth. The dentist will then remove decayed parts of the tooth, clean around the area and restoring the cavity with filling material. A blue LED light is then used to make the filling set within a few seconds.

Once the procedure is done, it is still essential to visit the dentist regularly to check on other teeth that might be susceptible to decay and on the filling because fillings have a limited life from wear and tear. A well restored teeth, together with proper dental hygiene and a regular visit to your dentist can help you maintain that perfect smile anytime of the day!

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