Jaw Pain (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

If you are experiencing jaw pain it may be that you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder “TMD”.

The Symptoms

Other symptoms include toothache, headache, neck ache, upper shoulder pain or ringing in your ears.

Causes of TMD?

The jury is still out as to what causes TMD. It could be from grinding or teeth clenching, misalignment of the disc between the ball and socket of the joint, arthritis in the joint or stress from tightening official and jaw muscles.


We recommend that you come in straight away and have us assess if there are other issues that are causing jaw pain before we determine that it is TMD.

Home remedies include moist heat pack to be applied to the side of the face, eating soft foods and avoiding extreme jaw movements. Learning to rest the jaw with relaxation techniques can also help.

At the practice we can prescribe medicine for the swelling and pain as well as constructing an occlusal splint or night guard to reduce the effects of clenching and grinding and to correct your bite.

Have your jaw pain professionally assessed today, book an appointment at About Smiles Chatswood dental centre. Call on (02) 9415 3555 or enquire online, we can help identify and resolve the cause of your pain. If you are based in an inner city or southern suburbs, make an appointment at our brand new East Village centre on (02) 9313 6388 and let our dentists come to you.