Custom Moulded Mouth Guards

Protecting your teeth or your child’s teeth during sport should be one of your top priorities. Because, as with any dental care, prevention is the ideal approach and a properly moulded mouth guard is a great preventative for injury.

It is far better to adequately protect your teeth if you happen to take a blow to the face, than to have to deal with the consequences without one. Nobody wants to lose a tooth, not only is it painful it can also be an unnecessary cost to resolve when something as simple to acquire as a mouth guard can help prevent it.

At About Smiles we offer mouth guards that are individually moulded to fit your mouth. This is achieved by making a precise model of your teeth to ensure a proper, protective fit. The result is a mouth guard that not only protects your smile, but is also comfortable and, importantly, allows you to breathe unhindered.

Why a Custom Fit?

The best mouth guards are ones that are custom designed to fit your mouth and are made specifically for you by a dental professional. There are several reasons why this is the case:

Options Suitable for Kids

We also create excellent custom mouth guards for children. A custom mould is an ideal choice for your child because the comfortable design will mean they are far more likely to wear the device during sport than an uncomfortable off-the-shelf option. Plus they will be much better protected than the alternative. Additionally if your child has braces a custom design can accommodate that, too. Additionally, children love that they can match the colour of their mouth guard to their team’s colours.

Caring for Your Mouth Guard

To ensure longevity and hygiene of the device it is important you take good care of it. Because everything bacteria needs to thrive exists in your guard: food, water and porous places to hide. Neglect can affect your oral health, so be sure to:

Get a Custom Mould Today

Protect your smile with a comfortable, custom designed mouth guard. At About Smiles we provide quality, individually fitted options for both adults and kids so schedule your appointment today on (02)9313 6388 for Zetland, (02) 9415 3555 for Chatswood or enquire online.