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Camel's Teeth


Just like us, giraffes have 32 teeth! Most of them are positioned at the back of their mouths.
Man at the mirror

Dr Docherty features in Men’s Health Magazine

To get your chompers rivalling The Rock’s, you need to be aware of some of the common teeth-staining culprits, stick to a good oral-health routine and get across…
About Smiles Dental Centres - (NAME)

Dr Docherty on channel 7’s The Morning Show

Watch Dr Aodhan Docherty talking about oral health on channel 7's The Morning Show - featuring Piksters Interdental Brushes and Plaque Glo toothpaste and torch
About Smiles Dental Centres - (NAME)

About Smiles East Gardens and Zetland welcomes Dr Michelle Pinto

Dr Michelle Pinto will be joining our About Smiles Team in June. She is excited to work at About Smiles, a practice that has not only committed to…
Dental Fear

Taking the tears out of our dental fears.

Dental Anxiety. A term used to describe fear, anxiety or stress in the dental setting.
About Smiles Dental Centres - Excellence in Business

We are the 2018 NSW Business Chamber regional winner for Excellence in Business Award

The NSW Business Chambers Excellence in Business award recognises an organisation that has attained significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to…