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First Dental Appointment at a Friendly Family Dentist

With any first visit to the dentist there can be apprehension for both you and your child. From your child’s perspective visiting the dentist could be quite scary. It’s easy to see why: being taken to an unfamiliar place and made to sit still while a stranger places unfamiliar instruments in their mouth does sound scary. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way! At About Smiles your child’s first appointment is all about establishing a good, positive relationship with their family dentist, so we can care for their teeth and their wellbeing.

We place an emphasis on making your child’s first experience with dental care a positive experience. As a family dentist the initial appointment will focus on meeting you and your child. We will get to know one another and make sure your child is comfortable and catered for both during the appointment and with our fun kids’ area. If your child requires special attention or assistance, request to see our Paediatric Specialist who specialises in handling children that are unwilling to cooperate, have extensive carries or are particularly timid.

This means not only do we assess your child’s individual needs, we make sure your child will associate a trip to the dentist as a positive experience. Ultimately making your next check-up easier, since your child will come into it without fear and with positive memories of previous visits.

What to Expect at an Initial Appointment

If your child has never seen a dentist before or you are considering switching from another practice, you can expect diligent care from About Smiles. Your child’s first appointment will be about their overall wellbeing and comfort, in addition to their individual dental health requirements.

We treat each first appointment with a great deal of care, because properly caring for young teeth sets the groundwork for good oral health. Why? It’s important to understand that baby teeth are not only important for chewing and speech, they aid in proper jaw development and reserve space for permanent teeth to come through.

Depending on the age of your child an initial appointment may involve:

  • For older children: introductions, explanations about what will happen during the appointment and making them aware they can stop any time they feel uncomfortable
  • Assessing your child’s “bite” and its alignment
  • Checking for any early decay, gum, jaw or tissue issues
  • Discussing the oral health basics that, as a parent, you need to be aware of and keep an eye out for, such as the need for regular check-ups, general hygiene practices and developmental milestones


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With our kids’ play area and on-staff paediatric specialist you can expect the highest standard of care for your child at About Smiles Chatswood. We’re a family dentist that loves getting kids involved and feeling positive about their dental care. To book a first time appointment call today on (02)9313 6388 for Zetland, (02) 9415 3555 for Chatswood, (02) 8488 9994 for Eastgardens or enquire online.

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