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Toothache & Tooth Sensitivity Treatments Sydney

Experiencing tooth sensitivity every time you ingest hot or cold beverages or dig your teeth into something sweet is a horrible experience. So if this is a situation you’re regularly experiencing, it’s time to seek dental help.

Tooth sensitivity is not dissimilar to a toothache; it’s a short and sharp pain that can be extremely unpleasant. The main difference is that it usually disappears quickly once the stimulus is removed. However, the causes are often similar to toothache — decay, gum recession, excessive tooth brushing (abrasions), or tooth erosion.

If you experience particularly bad tooth sensitivity or regular toothaches, you may require a filling to cover the exposed areas of the tooth. Alternatively, our dental specialists may apply a higher concentration of desensitising agents to help. Toothache and tooth sensitivity can also be signs of cracked tooth syndrome, which affects the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth, causing pain in the process. Treating a cracked tooth will all depend on the type of crack and how severe it is. Some cracks require no treatment, but most need to be fixed as they could worsen or fracture, resulting in tooth loss. To fix this, the most common treatment is a dental crown, which will assist in strengthening the tooth.

However, in many cases, it’s simply a case of practising better oral hygiene. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that these common issues can be addressed.

How to get rid of toothache and tooth sensitivity

The proper treatment will ease your tooth sensitivity and toothache, but there are many steps you can take at home to maintain your tooth and gum health.

  • Take care of your tooth enamel

Your tooth enamel is the thin layer surrounding the crown of your tooth. When weakened, your toothache and teeth sensitivity are heightened. Once tooth enamel is damaged, it cannot be repaired. However, weakened tooth enamel can be restored to some degree by improving its mineral content, either through effective toothpastes or dental treatment.

  • Using the correct toothpaste

Commonly, toothpaste that contains fluoride or potassium nitrate/oxalate (a desensitising agent) that protects your teeth is used to target tooth sensitivity. You won’t see any benefits unless you regularly use it for at least one month. However, if your toothache is severe, we recommend you book an appointment to address your situation.

  • Soft brushing

Do you aggressively brush your teeth, believing it’ll make your teeth cleaner? This isn’t advised or recommended. Rubbing against your gum can eventually deteriorate and reveal your root canal. This should remind you to be more gentle when brushing your teeth. Unlike our body skin tissue, once you have gum recession to the point where your root canal is showing, your gums can’t repair, heal and grow back.

Tooth sensitivity treatments with About Smiles

If you think you have sensitive teeth or a toothache and want to find a treatment that suits you, then we recommend you book an initial consultation with our team.

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