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Reinvigorate Your Smile with a Smile Makeover

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Many people with aesthetic dental issues and complications are suffering from a combination of problems rather than any one single issue. This can make it difficult to know exactly what your treatment options are and how to get the winning smile you desire. At About Smiles, with a smile makeover we can help you find the right treatment plan and options for your unique situation.

A smile makeover, or smile design, is about holistically improving the appearance of your smile with one or a combination of treatments, depending on your desired outcome and current issues. Our expert team of dentists will discuss your current concerns and propose the treatments necessary for an ideal and achievable, confidence boosting smile makeover.

Evaluate and Treat

When considering a smile makeover or enhancement it is important to identify what aspects of your smile you like and what troubles you. This will allow us to provide the best possible advice on the treatments available to rectify your concerns. There are a wide range of cosmetic concerns that may worry you, for example:

  • The colour of your teeth
  • The spacing of your teeth, and whether this causes overlapping or gaps
  • The proportions and length of your teeth, and whether wear has caused shortening
  • The alignment, or misalignment, of teeth
  • If you are missing any of your teeth
  • Any wear present on otherwise functional teeth, such as chips, cracks and uneven shaping
  • The existing dental work in your mouth, such as dark coloured fillings

Once we have a clear picture of the issues you wish to correct we will discuss options and develop a treatment plan. This plan will start with a complete evaluation of your oral health and the cosmetic procedures necessary to achieve the required results. Dependent on your needs treatments could include:

Enjoy a New Look

Correct cosmetic and functional concerns to achieve a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing smile at one of our all-inclusive facilities in Sydney. We aim to create lovely, achievable smiles that boost our clients’ self-esteem and confidence. So book an appointment today online or call us and we’ll find the treatments suitable for you. Contact us here or call us Chatswood (02) 9415 3555, Zetland (02) 9313 6388, Westfield Eastgardens (02) 8488 9994.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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