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General Dentistry Treatments Sydney

Comprehensive General Dentistry Treatments

Are you suffering from toothache, jaw pain or bleeding gums? Do you need a professional dental opinion on possible dentures, crowns or bridges? At About Smiles we are highly qualified and experienced in providing quality dental services for many general and common treatments, issues and procedures. This means you can expect a high standard of care during your check-up and treatment.

Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with the technology needed to provide an outstanding level of care. And, as a multi-specialty dental practice, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be in good hands. So whether you’re a young adult needing your wisdom teeth assessed or removed are an enthusiastic rugby or hockey player needing a mouth guard or are experiencing tooth sensitivity that might require a filling, book your appointment today.

Our General Treatments for Adults

We are committed to delivering considerate and high-quality dental care that is grounded in your wellbeing. We know and believe that good dental health is vital for overall physical health.

So we take a very thorough approach to our services, including those relating to:


At About Smiles, we ensure you have beautiful teeth with tooth-coloured restorations or white dental fillings to fill, protect and conceal any cavities that might have formed.


Toothaches and tooth sensitivity can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when eating or drinking. If you’re experiencing these symptoms or any discomfort, our team will find out what is causing them before correcting and resolving the issue with a highly effective course of treatment.

Root Canal Therapy

To ensure the best possible experience, our experienced and well-versed team of general dentists takes a personalised approach to root canal treatment with tailored responses that resolve your concerns.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

When it comes time to remove your wisdom teeth, talk with one of our professionals to make an informed decision.

Crowns and Bridges

You can be sure that your new teeth will look great and last for years with the help of our quality porcelain or ceramic crowns and bridges.


Visit any of our convenient clinic locations to get the most comfortable dentures, designed with proper facial support and genuine functionality.

Gum Disease (or Periodontal Disease)

Maintaining healthy gums isn’t always as easy as 1-2-3. We can easily and confidently handle more complex general dentistry procedures for gum maintenance.

Mouth Guards (with options for both adults and kids)

Sports are great for our overall well-being but can be dangerous for our teeth. Properly fitted to mould to the shape of your teeth and mouth, our mouth guards for adults and children will keep your pearly whites protected and safe.

Jaw Pain

Feel pain or tenderness along your jaw, shoulders and neck? It could be Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). Schedule an assessment with one of our general dentists today.

Oral and Teeth Hygiene

Our hygienists and periodontists are here to help you improve your oral hygiene techniques so keep your teeth healthy and clean for life!


We offer two options for orthodontic treatments to help you achieve straight teeth: traditional or invisible braces. Selecting the most suitable treatment option depends on how crooked your teeth are, bite issues, costs and age. Consult with our general dentists in Sydney today.

Additionally, we offer sedation or sleep dentistry options for patients who may be nervous about treatment. Our team also has a reassuring bedside manner to ensure your comfort when you visit our clinic.

Our Routine Dental Care for Children

At About Smiles, providing a caring and friendly environment for children is an important part of what we offer. This is because we understand how important keeping your kids healthy is and how difficult it can sometimes be to get them to cooperate with good oral hygiene practices.

Regular Check-up

Regular dental check-ups are beneficial for everyone, but it’s especially crucial to introduce the practice to a child starting from a young age. Our children’s dentists are ready to help you track your child’s development and oral hygiene. Maintain their oral health by scheduling regular visits today.

Orthodontic Assessment

Think your child may need braces or other orthodontic treatments to correct their concerns and boost their confidence? Consult with one of our paediatric dentists today and they’ll provide tailored solutions.

Paediatric Specialist Dentist for Extensive Treatment

Our paediatric specialists are trained to help children feel comfortable and at ease, so they get the treatment they need without pain, stress or anxiety. We know that some children are anxious about visiting the dentist, so our friendly team will be there to support them every step of the way.

Experience Great General Dentistry Services

When you have a check-up or general procedure at our clinics you can expect considerate service and high quality care. Discover what we offer and book today here or call us Chatswood (02) 9415 3555, Zetland (02) 9313 6388, Westfield Eastgardens(02) 8488 9994.


What is general dentistry?

General dentists are the ultimate experts on all things oral health. They offer treatments to protect and maintain your mouth, gums and teeth, keeping your smile healthy. Think of a general dentist as a GP — ultimately, their goal is to prevent and diagnose oral health issues. A general dentist is capable of offering routine maintenance and restorative treatments.

Why is general dentistry necessary?

Most people go to a dentist when they already feel pain. But seeing your dentist every six months offers many benefits:

  • Detects dental problems before they worsen — You may not know it, but your lifestyle and habits might be causing cavities to form. Seeing your dentist regularly makes it easy to detect them before they cause more serious, long-term damage to your teeth.
  • More beautiful, brighter smile — Home dental hygiene is great, but it can’t reach all of your teeth. That’s where professional cleaning comes in. It removes buildup and harmful bacteria, giving you a more appealing and healthy smile.
  • Better overall health — You might not be aware, but your oral health can greatly impact your general health. For example, poor oral hygiene is often associated with diabetes and heart conditions, so it’s important to see your dentist regularly so you can keep track of your oral health.

Make your oral health a priority and schedule a visit with one of our general dentists today.

How do I book an appointment with a general dentist?

You can give any of our locations closest to you a call and make an appointment then:

  • Chatswood: (02) 9415 3555
  • Zetland: (02) 9313 6388
  • Westfield Eastgardens: (02) 8488 9994
  • Crows Nest: (02) 8622 3900
  • Circular Quay: (02) 8319 2323

You can schedule an appointment via our online form, and we’ll keep you updated about the status of your appointment.

What are the risks of poor oral health?

We all know that not brushing our teeth and flossing daily can lead to cavities, tooth decay and bad breath. But gum health is just as important as tooth health. Gingivitis is a form of gum disease that, when left untreated, can lead to periodontitis or more serious issues.

Studies have shown that periodontitis can affect our cognitive abilities, making us more susceptible to getting Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, the bacteria that form on your gums and teeth can enter your bloodstream and form blood clots, restricting the flow of blood in your body.

These are just some risks associated with poor oral health. Schedule a visit with one of our dentists today to assess your oral health or learn more about how we can help correct your dental concerns.

Can an orthodontist do general dentistry?

Yes, since orthodontists started as general dentists, they can offer advice in this area if necessary. However, most orthodontists prefer to perform dental procedures aligned with their specialisations. Orthodontists do more than just cosmetic dentistry — they also deal with dental issues that cause pain, speech impairment, problems eating and tooth decay.


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