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Schedule a Regular Check-up for Your Child

As your child grows and their mouth changes it is important to have their dental development professionally assessed. We recommend appointments every 6 months because changes occur quickly in a child’s mouth. The emergence of permanent teeth, dietary changes and neglectful oral hygiene habits are all common in children and can quickly lead to vulnerability to decay and misalignment.

By scheduling regular check-ups for your child their oral hygiene and development can be carefully tracked, allowing for prompt treatment of any issues. Regular appointments mean we can record changes and provide better individual advice. This is vitally important for ensuring their ongoing dental health and minimising the risk of periodontal disease and cavities.

Additionally, regularly scheduled check-ups with a positive children’s dentist reinforces good oral hygiene habits, helping them remember to properly care for their teeth every day. And by having an ongoing and familiar dental clinic if emergencies occur, such as sport’s related injury, you have a trusted dental provider readily available.

The Appointment

At About Smiles we are committed to providing high quality ongoing care for your child. It is recommended that from the age of three (typically around the time the full set of baby teeth have fully emerged) all children have a thorough check-up every six months. During these check-ups we will:

  • Assess gum health
  • Examine bite and teeth alignment in case orthodontic treatment may be required
  • Observe the developmental progress of their permanent teeth
  • Identify potential tooth decay
  • And, for older children, clean and provide a fluoride treatment

Keeping Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Regular appointments are only one part of your child’s oral hygiene. It’s important that the recommendations we make continue outside of the clinic and that your child is actively involved in their own oral health. For any specific issues brought up during a routine check-up we will provide advice, instruction and strategies to combat them. Because, ultimately, prevention is the best way to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

Custom Moulded Mouth Guards

We also provide professionally made mouth guards, which protect your child’s teeth from accidents and injury during sport. It’s important to get a mouth guard that fits and is comfortable enough to wear during exercise. An ill-fitting mouth guard means discomfort and improper protection for your child’s teeth, gums and jaws. A regular appointment is the perfect time to have a mouth guard made, ensuring an excellent custom fit.

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