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Before & After Smile Transformations

Your smile — it’s the way you greet the world and the focal point of your face. When you don’t feel good about your grin, it can affect your confidence, make you self-conscious in photos and hold you back from feeling like your best self.

There’s no reason not to enjoy your best possible life and get the smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you’ve been putting off doing something about your teeth because you’re worried about pain, you don’t want to take downtime from work and life commitments, or you just assume there isn’t a solution for your circumstances, About Smiles has got you covered!

Our before and after smile transformation images showcase our team’s extensive expertise in providing a wide range of dental services. From crowns and veneers to implants and permanent whitening solutions, we are committed to offering confidence-boosting results. Contact us today to start your journey towards a brighter smile.

At About Smiles, we work directly with our patients to understand their needs and primary concerns before creating a tailored treatment plan to give them a genuine smile transformation. We specialise in finding tailored solutions specifically for your unique situation, and we focus on holistic solutions that can make your teeth look better and feel great too! Our before and after smile transformations focus on giving you a smile you love and also help you talk, drink, eat and laugh in comfort and confidence again.

Browse our gallery of before and after teeth treatment pictures to get an idea of what’s possible and start the journey to restoring confidence in your smile.

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #1

Case 1

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #2

Case 2

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #4

Case 3

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #5

Case 4

Case for Teeth Whitening and Implant

Case 5

Teeth Discoloration

Case 6

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #8

Case 7

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #10

Case 8

Case for Braces

Case 9

Case 10

Case 11


Case 12

Case 13

Case 14

Case 15

Case 16

Case 17

Case 18

Case 19

Case 20

Our before and after images showcase dental crowns placed over previously damaged teeth, providing a protective and aesthetically pleasing solution that allows patients to smile confidently.

Dental crowns are fitted over damaged or weakened teeth, protecting and strengthening your teeth and giving you a more even smile. Most often used on molars, we use a range of techniques and materials, including porcelain, to create our dental crowns — which can be matched perfectly to the colour of your teeth for a seamless result.

Think this may be the treatment for you? Take a look at our before and after crown photos to see the impact crowns can have on your teeth.

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #5

Crowns 1

Case for Teeth Whitening and Implant

Crowns 2

Crowns 3


Crowns 4

Crowns 5

Crowns 6

The absence of teeth in these ‘before’ images affects both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the smile. Following dental implants, gaps are filled, implants are blended with surrounding teeth, and the dental arch is restored, resulting in a complete and natural-looking transformation.

Missing teeth don’t just pose a cosmetic issue; they make it more difficult to enjoy everyday tasks like chewing and can cause your remaining teeth to shift and become displaced to fill gaps. Whether you have a missing tooth or gap caused by multiple lost teeth, advanced dental implants can be installed as a single tooth replacement or through the transformative ‘Teeth in a Day’ style on all four implants — which uses a single anchor point to replace multiple missing teeth.

Missing teeth can often feel like a ‘too big’ problem which we put off because the issue feels overwhelming. But the fact is, teeth implants have come a long way and can also offer a quick, permanent solution to missing teeth that can have a significant impact on your life. If you’re curious about dental implants, take a look at some of the picture-perfect before and after teeth implant photos in our gallery.

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #2

All On 4 | 1

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #4

All On 4 | 2

All On 4 | 3

Case for Braces

Ortho 1

Ortho 2

Ortho 3

Our ‘before’ images showcase smiles with noticeable discolouration and staining. In the ‘after’ images, teeth have undergone a professional whitening treatment, resulting in a noticeably brighter and whiter smile that’s free from stains.

Teeth whitening before and after photos offer some of the most impressive results for anyone with good dental hygiene and undamaged teeth. Our experienced dentists can deliver more powerful teeth whitening than at-home teeth whitening kits, giving remarkable results that will boost your confidence and smile.

Are you self-conscious about the dull or discoloured nature of your otherwise healthy teeth? Take a look at our gallery of before and after teeth whitening on real patients, and see what’s possible with your own smile.

Teeth Whitening

Once dental veneers have been applied, teeth appear brilliantly white, uniformly shaped and perfectly aligned. The veneers conceal previous imperfections, creating a radiant and confident smile.

Veneers are a great solution to minor cosmetic and structural dental issues, allowing you to eat and drink easily and enjoy all the things we take for granted when our teeth are healthy. They are individually sculpted to match your mouth perfectly. At About Smiles, we’ve transformed dozens of clients with porcelain and composite resin veneers.

Curious about what effect veneers can have on real people’s teeth? See what’s possible before and after veneers with photographs of some of our patients!

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #1

Veneers 1

Teeth Discoloration

Veneers 2

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #8

Veneers 3

About Smiles Dental Centres - Case #10

Veneers 4

Veneers 5

Veneers 6

Veneers 7

Ready to transform your smile?

If you’ve been waiting to do something about your teeth but have put off procedures, there’s never been a better time to get in touch and book your initial consultation. About Smiles offers complete dental care to help you with any issues you may be experiencing — from emergency dental work to general dentistry and cosmetic treatments. No matter what kind of before and after smile transformation you dream of, our experienced and friendly team can help you achieve it.

With conveniently located dental clinics in Chatswood, Eastgardens, Zetland and Crows Nest, you can find a nearby About Smiles location in Sydney. Our talented team of dentists specialise in gentle and effective care. We can’t wait to transform your smile!

Depending on the kind of dental work you receive, there will be different guidelines for when you can eat and drink before and after dental treatments. For teeth whitening treatments, you should avoid coloured foods or beverages that could stain your teeth — like coffee, tomatoes and red wine — for at least 24 to 72 hours. Acidic foods should also be avoided directly after the procedure, as this may trigger sensitivity. Our friendly dentists will be able to advise you of the specific guidelines for eating and drinking you’ll need to follow, depending on what treatment you receive. These guidelines are designed to protect your teeth and give you the best possible before and after smile transformation.
Whether you’re booked in for general dentistry or a more advanced procedure, your dentist can advise you on the best preparation for your treatment. In general, it’s always a good idea to brush and floss thoroughly before any dental appointment!

For specific procedures, our experienced dentists will brief you on what to expect on the day itself and how to prepare for your specific treatment to ensure the best results.
The recovery time for different cosmetic, complex and basic dental procedures varies from individual to individual and what treatment you’ve specifically undergone. If you’ve received local anaesthetic as part of your treatment, you’ll need to wait until the numbness has receded before you can eat or drink safely again.
Everyone’s smile is unique, and so are your requirements for dental treatment. Depending on your genetics, medical history, goals for your smile and many other factors, the best treatment for you will differ significantly. Because we take a personalised approach to every patient we see, the dentists at About Smiles will be able to tailor an individual treatment plan to give you the best results and long-term oral health.
Due to ageing and various lifestyle factors, a range of common dental concerns and conditions exist. Over time, discolouration and teeth weakening are common concerns that must be proactively addressed. From common issues like cavities, plaque and tartar buildup, wisdom teeth removal and orthodontics to emergency dental procedures, About Smiles are your local dental experts. We’re here for you — from fillings to toothaches and everything in between.

The time it takes to get your before and after teeth cosmetic treatment moment will depend on a lot of factors, including: 

  • The current state of your teeth
  • How much restorative work is required
  • The nature of the treatment
  • The size of the area being treated
  • Your individual responsiveness to treatment
  • The time it takes for the mouth to heal

Everyone is different, so the timeline for your treatment will also be different. Some procedures, like teeth whitening or all-on-four treatments, may be completed within one session, while other treatments, like Invisalign, may require more time. 

When you book an appointment to discuss cosmetic treatments with the dentists at About Smiles, our team can walk you through what to expect from a particular treatment, how long the process will take and whether you’ll need to book any downtime for a specific procedure.

When it comes to celebrities getting dramatic before and after teeth cosmetic treatments, the impression we get may not reflect reality. The fact is that celebrity culture presents a lot of amazing before and after moments that may not actually be real — photoshopping gives us a distorted sense of what celebrities look like, and based on when we see the dramatic impact of before and after veneers or other dental work, we may be fooled into thinking a process happened much more quickly than it actually did. 

At About Smiles, we focus on real people, real results and prioritise the overall health and hygiene of your teeth. That’s why we have our before and after smile transformations gallery, so you can get an authentic idea of what’s possible with restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. 

Let’s talk about what ‘really bad teeth’ means. Our smiles are a huge part of how we feel about ourselves, conduct ourselves in professional situations and our overall confidence levels. Cosmetic issues are not just about making us look ‘pretty’; they’re about giving us the self-esteem we need to live our best life. 

As for structural issues like weakened, decayed and damaged teeth — sometimes tooth extraction or more advanced procedures is a necessary step to prevent further damage from spreading to your gum, and nerves and to allow you to talk, eat and smile comfortably again. 

Whatever issues you’re facing with your teeth, at About Smiles, we focus on helping you ‘fix’ the problem in terms of both cosmetic appearance and practical function. We’ll guide you through a range of options to help you find the best treatment to deal with both the appearance of your teeth and any underlying issues affecting your overall dental health. 

Depending on which treatment you and your dentist determine is the right course of action for you; there may be some pain involved in transforming your smile. However, if you’re dealing with overcrowded teeth, structural dental issues, cavities, or damaged or weakened teeth, the chances are you’re already living with pain and which may also become worse as time goes on. 

We have a number of pain management options we can use during your cosmetic dental treatment, and our goal is to give you an ‘after’ moment that doesn’t just look good but addresses the cause of your existing dental pain as well.

If you suffer from overcrowded teeth, underbite or overbite or another problem with the shape and position of your teeth, there are treatments available to correct your smile — even if you’ve had the problem for a long time. No matter how old you are or how pronounced you think the problem is, our dentists are here to help you find a solution and give you a smile you can feel confident in. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to talk about your teeth and what’s possible to reshape them. 

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