Root Canal Treatment Sydney

Signs you may need a root canal in Sydney

One of the first signs you may need a root canal is that you have a toothache. However, it’s important to note that not all toothaches result in root canals. Some signs include:

  • You have a hole, crack, or chip in your tooth.
  • Your toothache is significant.
  • There’s a lot of pain when you use that tooth to chew.
  • The area around the tooth becomes tender or swollen.
  • You have an abscess.
  • There is a pimple or lesion in the area, which may indicate an abscess is present.
  • The tooth is extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.
  • The tooth is dark or has become discoloured.

Our root canal specialists in Sydney can perform an assessment and tell you whether this type of treatment is necessary. Root canals can occur at any age, and we always adjust our approach so that the treatment is age-appropriate.

Making root canal treatments comfortable

One of the biggest concerns patients have about root canals is that they may hurt. When it comes to root canal treatment in Sydney, the team at About Smiles knows how to make patients comfortable. As we use a local anaesthetic, your treatment should feel no different from having a filling performed. However, if you do feel uncomfortable at any stage, please let your dentist know.

Preparing for root canal therapy in Sydney

Ahead of the procedure, your dentist will perform a final assessment of your mouth. They may also ask you some questions about your medical history so that they can prescribe appropriate medications. You may also need an X-ray ahead of your root canal therapy. Getting an X-ray image allows your dentist to see exactly where the dying tooth is and helps them refine their approach. It’s worth knowing that sometimes X-rays reveal that your tooth has encountered too much damage for the root canal to take place. In such cases, you may need a complete extraction. Fortunately, our dentistry services include options that can replace the tooth following your extraction. We’ll always recommend the most suitable solution for your current oral health state.

Paying for your procedure

Root canal prices in Sydney can vary depending on various factors. Such factors include:

  • Whether you need more than one visit
  • The type of filling you choose to have afterwards
  • Whether you require specialist sedation or sleep therapies due to feeling anxious

After performing your initial assessment, your dentist can provide a breakdown of the costs involved. In addition to the root canal, you’re likely to require inlays and potentially a crown so that we can restructure the tooth. To help you manage the cost of your treatment, we offer payment plans. You may want to look at government schemes if you’re bringing your child in for a root canal or if you’re a veteran.

Reasons to choose us for your root canal in Sydney

At About Smiles, we have a dedicated team of dentists, hygienists, and specialists who can meet your dental needs. Those specialists include paediatric practitioners and maxillofacial surgeons, so we can care for children’s needs and accommodate those with advanced problems. We always put our patients’ comfort and safety at the forefront of everything we do. Thanks to our high-end technologies, you can look forward to painless injections. Also, you have the option of twilight sedation if you’re an anxious patient. Whether you’re coming to our Chatswood, Zetland, or East Gardens practices, you’ll benefit from the same commitment to excellent care and a safe environment. To discuss your root canal treatment with us, please get in touch.


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