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Custom Made Sports Mouth Guards

Custom Moulded Sports Mouth Guards

Protecting your teeth or your child’s teeth when playing sports should be one of your top priorities. Prevention is always the best strategy. That’s why it is ideal to act early, whether you’re looking to book a general dental procedure or get a sports mouth guard fitted adequately. It’s better to have a custom-made sports mouth guard moulded to your unique bite pattern than to risk injury and learn the hard way.

Losing a tooth is a preventable and altogether undesirable situation. Not only is it painful, but it can also be quite expensive to fix a broken or loose tooth — that’s why a properly fitted custom-made sports mouth guard is a cost-effective preventative measure.

At About Smiles, we offer dentist-made mouth guards that are individually moulded to fit your mouth. This is achieved by making a precise teeth model, ensuring a proper, protective fit. The result is a sports mouth guard that protects your smile and is also comfortable, and, most importantly, allows you to breathe unhindered.

Why a Custom Fit?

The best sports mouth guards are designed to perfectly fit your mouth, ensuring that several preventable problems do not occur. About Smiles offers dentist-made mouth guards moulded by our experienced dentists. Here are several reasons why this is crucial:

  • The best sports mouth guards provide a custom fit — They will give you a more comfortable result, designed to the shape and fit of your mouth.
  • Custom mouth guards are created for comfort — They’re specifically designed not to restrict breathing during exercise.
  • Designed for practical use — The snug fit means better retention, so it won’t fall out during physical activities.
  • Made from quality materials — The materials used in our dentist mouth guards are odourless and tasteless.
  • Designed for efficient performance — The result will be tear-resistant and impact-resistant without being too bulky.
  • Made with comfort in mind — Soft material on the inside protects teeth and feels comfy to the user.

Protect your smile and prevent dental damage with a sports mouth guard

If you’ve invested in braces, teeth alignment, fillings, whitening or other cosmetic treatments for your or your child’s teeth, you will want to protect your investment.

Not only can knocks and hits during sports lead to lost or broken teeth, but they can damage re-alignment treatments you’ve received, affecting your bite and jaw position, which have been carefully corrected over time. With a dentist-made mouth guard, you can rest easy, knowing that your beautiful smile is protected in the best way possible.

Options Suitable for Kids

Because children’s teeth and jaw posture are still developing, protecting them during contact sports or other physical activities is especially important. At About Smiles, we cater to the specific needs of every child by providing high-quality, custom-made sports mouth guards that provide consistent protection.

While you may think a store-bought off-the-shelf mouth guard is ‘good enough’ for kids, this simply isn’t the case. Without a snug, custom-moulded fit, a strong enough collision or fall can cause significant dental damage.

If your child is receiving orthodontic treatment like braces, a custom-made mouth guard will both cushion the metal and other elements from injuring the gums or mouth and ensure the effectiveness of the orthodontics isn’t compromised.

To properly protect your child’s teeth, we offer our dentist-made mouth guards for complete protection in various designs and colours that kids will love.

Caring for Your Sports Mouth Guard

The best way to ensure your custom-made sports mouth guard’s hygiene is to take several preventative measures. You shouldn’t neglect the state of your mouth guard. To prevent having to purchase another one unnecessarily, ensure a few key things, including:

  • Maintain consistent cleanliness — Rinse your sports mouth guard before and after use to avoid any food, water and porous materials from creating an unclean environment, damaging your sports mouth guard or affecting its effectiveness.
  • Keep your mouth guard for sport in optimal condition — Clean it in cool, soapy water and rinse thoroughly after use.
  • Always keep your storage solution with you — Store and transport it in a sturdy, vented container.
  • Keep an eye on where you store your custom-made sports mouth guard — Never leave it in the sun or hot water, as this can cause the material to degrade.
  • Routinely check on the state of your sports mouth guard — Always check it for wear or damage, and contact your dentist if you notice a problem.

Emergency dental care

If your existing sports mouth guard has failed to adequately protect you, remember that About Smiles specialises in emergency dental care. We’re dedicated to offering on-demand dental care whenever needed, so if you require emergency care, we can help you on a same-day basis. You can make after-hours appointments until 7 pm on Thursdays and 4 pm on Saturdays.

Even in the best conditions, your custom-made sports mouth guard can be overwhelmed — it may lessen the impact of a collision to a significant degree, but this may still require emergency care. If you are experiencing intense pain, don’t hesitate to call us and get the help you need.

About Smiles — Get a custom-made sports mouth guard mould today

Whether you’re a keen athlete or just enjoy staying fit and active, don’t risk your smile while participating in the sports you love. Protect your teeth with a comfortable, custom-designed mouth guard fitted by one of our expert dentists today, and enjoy the superior protection of a custom mould designed especially for you.

At About Smiles, we give access to all our patients to an all-in-one facility in five different locations. We are dedicated to facilitating targeted and bespoke dental care and are here to help you create a custom fit for your new mouth guard — along with cosmetic treatments, general dental care and emergency dental care for both adults and children. If you need urgent care, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

If you’re ready to book in to receive a quality, individually dentist-fitted option, schedule your appointment today here or call Chatswood (02) 9415 3555, Zetland (02) 9313 6388, Westfield Eastgardens (02) 8488 9994, Crows Nest (02) 8622 3900, or Circular Quay (02) 8319 2323.


The cost of your custom-made sports mouth guard will vary depending on your individual needs — the material, colour, design and more. While they are more expensive than a generic mouth guard you buy off the shelf, a custom-made sports mouth guard will offer better protection, last longer and feel more comfortable, allowing you to focus on your athletic performance. At About Smiles, we aim to provide the best possible care to our patients, no matter their budget. Talk to us about your or your child’s needs for dental protection during sports activities, and we’ll be able to explain the sports mouth guard options available to you.
We sure can. With the help of our experienced dentists, we can produce a custom-moulded sports mouth guard that fits seamlessly over your unique bite pattern. This ensures a more comfortable feel, better protection and a secure fit that won’t come off when you need it the most — during contact or high-impact situations. We’ll craft the perfect custom-made sports mouth guard for your needs, so you can enjoy all the sports you love without worrying about dental damage or lost or broken teeth.
The process of fitting one of the dentist's mouth guards starts with taking a mould of your unique bite pattern, capturing a high level of detail to ensure a perfect fit. Once this mould is taken, it is allowed to set. Then, it can be used to cast an ideal custom-made sports mouth guard that fits comfortably and seamlessly over your teeth. If you require multiple sports mouth guards for different types of sport, we can create multiple perfectly fitted duplicates to suit your lifestyle.
Absolutely. While store-bought mouth guards may be cheaper, the fact is that a generic size sports mouth guard can’t give you the perfect fit required to keep you or your child’s teeth protected in the case of serious falls or heavy collisions. In contrast, a dentist mouth guard takes a perfect imprint of your teeth and jaw position and gives you the closest fitting, most comfortable and protective mouth guard possible. If your previous mouth guards have slipped off your teeth, you may have found it hard to focus because they are not a snug fit, or you’ve had expensive dental work you’re eager to protect; a custom-made sports mouth guard is definitely worth every cent.
While dental mouth guards are designed for conditions like bruxism, jaw tension and teeth grinding, sports mouth guards are built to be soft on your teeth but tough on collisions and impact, which may damage your teeth. They do not correct dental problems but are a preventative measure that protects you from falls, hits and other forces you may face during a match or game. Sports mouth guards are popular and even compulsory for many sports, including boxing, AFL, hockey, soccer, rugby league, rugby union, judo, basketball, cricket and jiu-jitsu.
Sports mouth guards are not designed to shift or change your bite; instead, they fit neatly over your teeth to protect them from shocks or impact, cushioning your smile with a soft inner material that fits around your bite without affecting it. However, wearing a generic fitting sports mouth guard that isn’t designed for your mouth may cause shifting and pressure in your bite, encouraging movement where you don’t want it. This is why it’s so crucial to invest in a dentist-approved and custom-made sports mouth guard that’s made just for you.
With proper care and regular wear, you can expect a custom-moulded sports mouth guard to last for several years. For children, this may be less, as natural growth and development mean that kids may need to be re-fitted after each season of sport.


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