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If you’ve been looking for the best teeth whitening in Sydney, you can call off the search. By visiting one of our state-of-the-art clinics, our industry approved dentists will help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Long gone are the days of scary trips to the dentist, you’ll feel total reassurance with our expert team of professionals.

If you’re a smoker, red wine drinker or coffee lover, it’s possible your teeth could do with some extra care and attention. Dull and discoloured teeth can leave the best of us feeling down, so allow us to get your smile back to shining its brightest.

Get it done by the best

You do have various options when it comes to lightening your teeth, however, getting the procedure completed by a certified teeth whitening dentist should be your first choice. Unlike other alternatives, whitening your teeth with our cosmetic dentists is a completely safe procedure.

An About Smiles approved dentist will fit you with protective goggles and use gels and rubber shields to protect your gums. Our treatments also typically contain a higher percentage of peroxide and therefore are less abrasive. This means more effective results with no damage to your tooth enamel.

The treatment will only take around 60 minutes and we’ll follow this procedure with an easy home routine for ultimate results. This two-step process will give you a smile that is four to seven shades lighter!

Choose a teeth whitening dentist for a total transformation

Over-the-counter options often contain only a small percentage of peroxide, so the procedure is less effective. The process is also slower, sometimes taking up to 6 months before you can see any results.

Patients should also be wary that many of these products contain an abrasive and acidic solution that will wear away tooth enamel, leaving teeth looking yellow. At About Smiles, you can rest assured that won’t happen. This is because our products contain fluoride which remineralises the surface of your teeth to fight tooth sensitivity and keep them strong.

Another reason to opt for an in-practice procedure is because our teeth whitening dentists are able to remove internal stains, whereas over-the-counter options barely scratch the surface.

We’ll show you how to DIY safely

If you would still rather do it yourself, an About Smiles teeth whitening dentist can provide you with a custom-fitted tray designed to hold the whitening product directly against your teeth — minimising its contact with the gums. While the whitening solution contains a lower percentage of peroxide than in-practice products, if it’s worn overnight, stains will whiten in 7-14 days.

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When you choose About Smiles, you’re putting your smile first. For quality and affordable teeth whitening in Sydney, we will set you up with the best. Join in two minutes, find your local dentist and let’s get started with your consultation — it’s easy!


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