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Professional Teeth Whitening for a Dazzling Smile

Are you worried about the colour of your teeth? Do you feel as if your teeth let you down and make you look older and unhealthier than you actually are? If aging, stains or trauma has sapped the vibrancy out of your smile it can really undermine your confidence.

As dentists we understand the power of a healthy smile, how it can boost a person’s confidence and is utterly infectious at spreading joy. At About Smiles we are all about making our clients look and feel great. Good oral health, and the subsequent appearance associated with good oral health, plays a big role in that overall feeling of wellbeing. So when you’re considering professional teeth whitening, having it performed by a dedicated healthcare provider will go a long way towards getting the younger, healthier smile you desire.

Stains and Getting Rid of Them

Stained teeth are caused by extrinsic stains (stains on the surface of your teeth) and intrinsic stains (stains within your dentin and enamel’s micro-cracks). Good oral hygiene will remove many extrinsic stains, but will leave behind the dark pigments that are deeper in the structure of your teeth.

To effectively remove stubborn intrinsic stains requires a professional teeth whitening solution. A dentist applied treatment makes this possible for two reasons: a higher concentration of whitening agent is used and the application trays are specifically made to fit your teeth, meaning better contact between the agent and your teeth.

Our Treatment Options

From our top-of-the-line dental clinics in Chatswood and Zetland, East Village, we offer two straightforward and affordable professional teeth whitening options: the KoR Whitening System and Opalescence® Take Home Kits. With each we tailor the procedure to suit your individual requirements and ensure safety and comfort.

KoR Whitening System – This method involves an initial in-the-chair treatment, followed by a simple home routine for ten consecutive nights and one final in-clinic whitening treatment. The end result is a smile that is five to seven shades lighter, which is far better than what is achievable with most other procedures. We also recommend that you have a hygiene appointment prior to undergoing this treatment to ensure a clean, quality result.

This impressive outcome is possible due to the unique double impression procedure used to generate the whitening trays that are used throughout, meaning a snugger fit and higher concentration of whitening gel. Thanks to this snug fit the concentrated gel is less likely to leak out onto you gums and cause irritation, making the whole experience more comfortable for you. However, in the unlikely event of irritation the kit comes with an anti-sensitivity gel to help ease any discomfort.

Opalescence® System – This carefully supervised take home option involves using custom-fitted trays and plastic application syringes of Opalescence® gel. This two week treatment programme comes as a day or night kit, with gradual improvements in shade as the programme progresses. After 5 to 7 days results should become obvious. This is a very cost effective, safe and simple method to achieve a brighter smile.

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