6 mistakes when brushing

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We all learnt from Healthy Harold the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day, but do you know the small tips and tricks to maximise your oral health? Our very own Dr Gregory Nguyen sheds some light on 6 mistakes you can make when brushing.

  1. Using the wrong toothbrush.
    It is easy to think that a hard bristle toothbrush may be more effective at removing all that gross stuff that can build up on your teeth, but think about how much pressure you are applying to your teeth when using a hard bristle brush and pressing down! It works by wearing down your enamel (the outer protective coating of your teeth) which can make your teeth more sensitive. Dr Nguyen says a soft bristle toothbrush is just as effective at removing the plaque on your teeth, and doesn’t come with the side of enamel erosion.
  2. Not using toothpaste with fluoride
    Toothpaste with no fluoride may feel more ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ as some toothpaste descriptions may put it, but studies show that brushing your teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste is the same as brushing your teeth with water!
  3. Not brushing for long enough
    Two minutes can feel like a really long time when your alarm hasn’t gone off for work and your running super late, or after a really good night out with friends and its now in the early hours of the morning. But, did you know that brushing for 1 minute removes half the amount of plaque compared to brushing for 2 minutes! That’s right, brushing for 2 minutes doubles the amount of plaque you can remove from your teeth. And the less plaque that is present, means less chance of cavities and decay.
  4. Not getting between your teeth.
    Ok so you managed to brush your teeth for 2 minutes even though you are running late to work, and now you have to floss?! Dr Nguyen explains it is important to floss between your teeth as those tight spaces are the perfect home for plaque to build and cause all sorts of havoc. But don’t stress, it’s only recommended to floss once per day, so you can save it for before bed and get on with your busy morning.
  5. You’ve gotten used to the wrong technique
    At this point, you’re doing everything right but you’re still getting lots of plaque build-up and you’re out of ideas. Dr Nguyen explains this is a common occurrence, when people become accustomed to the way they normally brush, which may not necessarily be the best way. Helpful hint – try brushing in front of a mirror and watch yourself using the toothbrush to clean each tooth and cover all surfaces of the tooth. This way you can’t miss anything! Little extra tip – applying lots of force isn’t necessarily good. It can cause your gum line to reduce which can lead to sensitivity and also may not be matching your aesthetic desires.
  6. Not coming to see your favourite dental team every 6 months.
    Even with all these tips and tricks, it’s easy to miss some spots and get busy with life occasionally! Even dentists who know all the techniques need to visit the dentist. Luckily, at About Smiles Dental Centres, you know you have a friendly face every step of the way to help you keep on top of your oral health! Book an appointment today https://www.aboutsmiles.com.au/contact-us or call us on 9415 3555
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