Starting Your Invisible Braces Treatment (Part 2)

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How invisible are these ‘invisible braces’?

Another important consideration is that, depending on your treatment plan, you may be required to wear attachments. They are small enamel coloured ridges that are attached to your teeth to maintain your aligners in place and assist in the effective movement of the teeth. The need for attachments is dependent on how severe your malocclusion is. You may not need any attachments whatsoever or you may need many. While the aligners themselves are almost invisible, you should be aware that the attachments are not. However, most people still choose this option rather than conventional metal braces as they are still aesthetically preferable.

Can I eat and drink normally while wearing them?

While wearing the aligners, cool water is the only acceptable drink. Hot drinks can warp your aligners as they are made from a type of plastic and tea, coffee and coloured soft drinks will stain them. Drinking soft drinks while wearing aligners is not recommended as small amounts can seep inside the aligner and the sugar is therefore trapped onto your teeth and can easily cause tooth decay. Stick to water while wearing them and remove for eating and drinking anything else, bearing in mind that 22 hours wear a day is needed!

What is the treatment duration?

The treatment duration varies from patient to patient. Most of the time, one round of treatment will get you the ideal result. However, you should be aware that, depending on the severity of your malocclusion, you may require a second set of aligners once you have completed your first round of treatment to straighten out the teeth that were not adequately straightened in the initial treatment. Ask your dentist when your treatment plan is being explained to you.

Finally, book a consultation! See a qualified dentist to find out exactly how this treatment can help you.

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