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Have you been dreaming about a new smile that dazzles friends and family? Or perhaps eliminates a discoloured or misshapen smile? Veneers could be a way for you to achieve that. They can create a smile makeover from previously damaged or discoloured teeth. They aren’t for everyone however, so the best option is to have a chat to your dentist about your options. 

So, what are veneers? Porcelain veneers are thin shell coverings made from durable, stain-resistant material that surround the front of your teeth. Your dentist will lightly shave down your natural teeth in order to attach veneers. 

First invented in 1928, veneers were primarily used to change the appearance of actors smile and expressions for different dramatic roles. In 1937, the same dentist who crafted the temporary veneers for movie make up formed a veneer from acrylic material and began to use it to create a closer version to what we know as veneers today. Now many other materials are used to make beautiful smiles all over the world. 

Wanting veneers doesn’t mean you have to cover all your natural teeth, though. If only a few teeth concern you, partial veneers are an option. This will be discussed in your initial cosmetic consultation with your dentist. 

The two most common types of veneers are Porcelain and Composite. 

Porcelain veneers are the gold standard for a smile makeover. Your dentist will do some prep work on your teeth, make an impression, then send it off to the lab to be made to exactly how you want them. Besides the durability, porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, keeping your smile whiter longer.

Composite veneers are made from the same material dentist use for fillings. Although they aren’t as strong at porcelain, composite veneers are a great product and cost a lower price range than porcelain. 

Having dental veneers put on is not as in-depth as other dental procedures. The specifics depend on the type of veneers and number of teeth you choose to receive them. When choosing where to get them done, look for a practitioner who has experience with veneers and find examples of their past work online. 

The first visit in this process will be a consultation. This will be where you can discuss with your dentist exactly what kind of look you’re after, whether it be a simple correction or a complete smile makeover. The most effective consultation involves clear communications between patient and dentist, if you’re open with what you want the dentist will have to best chance to create your perfect smile. 

At your next visit, your veneers will be checked for fit, colour and shade. This is the time to make any adjustments, so that you’re 100% happy with the look and fit. Again, be completely honest and open, your dentist is there to help and make sure you’re completely satisfied. After this appointment the following will be the prepping of the teeth and attaching of the veneers. Your dentist will also get you to come in a few weeks later for a follow up appointment so make sure everything has settled properly.

You should definitely do your research and be sure to understand all your options before you get veneers. They are essentially permanent, can you quite the investment, and you “wear” your teeth every day, and the look of your teeth has a major effect on your overall appearance and even your overall self-confidence.