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Easter Dental Care

Caring for Young Teeth this Easter

With Easter weekend just around the corner, this means only one thing for your child: an abundance of sugary, chocolaty treats which can play havoc on their teeth…
About Smiles Dental Centres - Dr Nick Messenger

About Smiles Eastgardens welcomes Dr Nicholas Messenger!

Dr Messenger has been working in the Eastern Suburbs for 23 years as a highly regarded family dentist prior to joining us.
Pros and Cons

Root Canal versus Extraction

Root canal therapy and extractions are two ways a dentist can treat a damaged or infected tooth. Wherever possible saving your natural tooth is usually the best option…

My Teeth are Getting Longer – Receding Gums

​Have you noticed that one or more of your teeth are becoming longer? It is possible that you have gum recession. Find out the causes and treatments for…

Why are my teeth yellow? Teeth discolouration

Yellow teeth or 'teeth discolouration is one of the most common complaints patients have. Luckily, it is often easy to fix! Options to improve the aesthetics include professional…

I brush my teeth but still have bad breath

At some point in our lives we all experience bad breath. If you find brushing is insufficient and mouthwash can only mask the smell, you may need to…