Common Dental Problems & How To Prevent Them

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It’s no secret that a good smile is one of the ways to feel confident and good about yourself. Not only can dental problems keep you from feeling your best, stop you from smiling in photos and make you second guess yourself in professional environments, but they can also be painful and uncomfortable. 

At About Smiles, our Sydney dentists believe everyone should have a healthy smile. From cosmetic dental treatments that fix the look of your smile to other forms of dentistry, procedures and treatments are rapidly becoming more advanced and more affordable than ever. All of this means there’s never a better time to take care of your dental problems and enjoy a better, more confident smile. 

Common dental problems

Our teeth go through a lot every day, and common dental problems can arise simply from daily habits or other lifestyle factors. Let’s run through some of the most common concerns people have with their teeth, what you can do to prevent them and the best solutions for fixing problems as recommended by our Sydney cosmetic dentists. 


Cavities are a type of tooth decay that is caused by the presence of bacteria dissolving the tooth. Preventing cavities is one of the major reasons to ensure you’re practising good dental hygiene to remove plaque buildup. 

Plaque is something everyone has accumulated on their teeth. After eating and drinking, small particles remain and persist in the form of plaque. However, if plaque is left to sit on teeth rather than being cleaned off, it turns to tartar. If not treated, this acidic bacteria will cause tooth decay and cavities over time. 

To keep cavities at bay, it’s important to thoroughly brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss to remove any particles that may be trapped between your teeth. A professional clean at your Sydney dentist will further prevent buildup by removing stubborn areas of plaque and tartar. 

If, during a regular clean, your dentist notices a cavity, a solution like a filling, tooth extraction or root canal is available. The earlier you notice a cavity, the less drastic the treatment will be, so don’t put off seeing the professionals.

Tooth sensitivity 

Tooth sensitivity can be particularly tough on people, stopping you from enjoying your morning coffee, a bite of ice cream and a hot soup. It’s caused by a thinning of the tooth enamel — the protective barrier around teeth — and teeth grinding or bruxism can worsen it, wearing down the outer layer of your teeth and exposing nerves. 

Standard mild tooth sensitivity can usually be treated well by switching out your toothpaste for a sensitive-friendly alternative, but in some cases, you may need to talk to your dentist about other solutions, including night guards to stop teeth grinding and protective coatings for teeth. 

Gum disease

Gum disease is caused by a problem with dental hygiene, which allows bacteria to spread into the gums. If you’re experiencing gum pain, bleeding or other signs that your gums aren’t right, it’s important to book an appointment with your Sydney dentist right away — ignoring the problem could lead to tooth loss or even jaw damage. 

If you do think your gum disease may be more advanced, our experienced dentists offer many advanced procedures in a judgement-free environment to make sure you can get rid of the problem and enjoy a pain-free, better quality of life. 

Chipped or broken teeth

For all sorts of crazy reasons, we can find ourselves in the midst of a dental emergency. Whether you’ve been playing sports, surfing, moving houses, trying skateboarding for the first time or just bit on hard food, a chipped or broken tooth is often the unfortunate outcome. 

It’s important to address these problems as quickly as possible. Not only can it be painful and stop you from eating, drinking and talking normally, but exposed tooth or gum areas are particularly susceptible to infection and need professional assistance as soon as possible. 

Our cosmetic dentists in Sydney understand both the importance of finding a solution for your dental emergency quickly and preserving your smile with whatever treatment we recommend. 

Misaligned teeth 

Overcrowded and overlapping teeth, underbites and overbites, these problems are very common — in fact, most of us don’t have a perfect smile. However, if your misaligned teeth are stopping you from feeling confident, affecting your smile and jaw position, or making it difficult to clean your teeth, it’s straightforward to solve the problem once and for all. 

After booking a consultation with our Sydney cosmetic dentists, they will let you know the best course of action for fixing your alignment issues; it may be wearing a retainer at night, installing braces or opting for a subtle correction using Invisalign that won’t affect the look of your teeth throughout the treatment. 

We specialise in finding the best solution for all our patients that preserves the look of their teeth, which is why we’re the best cosmetic dentist in Sydney. 

Want a better smile? Our cosmetic dentists in Sydney can help 

If you’ve noticed a problem with your teeth but have felt nervous about seeking professional help, there’s no reason to put it off any longer. At About Smiles, we offer friendly and experienced service for all sorts of common dental problems and always focus on getting the best outcome for our patients. 

If you’re ready to tackle your dental problem head-on, contact us today and book an appointment at one of our Sydney locations.