General Dentists vs Paediatric

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Have you ever gone to a dental appointment and suddenly you’re told you need to see a dental specialist? Cue concern and anxiety. Let’s step back, and firstly focus on what is the difference between a general dentist and specialist?

A general dentist focuses on the whole mouth, maintaining good oral hygiene, treating issues which can cause poor teeth and completing aesthetic treatment where patients feel it is needed, whereas a specialist has undergone training to focus only on one aspect of the dentistry. Most specialists require a referral from your dentist, which is often done when you have complex needs outside of the dentists’ expertise.

Luckily, with an all-inclusive dental centre in the heart of Chatswood, we have you covered! We are very lucky within our practice to have Dr Caroline Chung – our paediatric specialist amongst our range of general dentists and specialists who all have a variety of passions within dentistry. A paediatric specialist focuses on and completes treatment on children aged 0-16 years old. She sees patients referred to her by other dentists but also, she’s one of the specialists which does not require a referral if you feel you need your child to see her.

Dr Caroline Chung is very passionate about what she does. She explained how she loves when her patients and their parents are active about dental health. Dental treatment can be an anxiety inducing and traumatic experience for children if not handled correctly, with setting the right kind of mental state playing a big role. Some kids may even have other factors including behavioural and medical issues or diagnoses, or a family history of dental issues. She aims to create a sense of security for both her patients and their parents, creating the guide for an ideal plan surrounding the best habits a kid can learn. These include regular check-ups, eating habits and bedtime routines, and avoiding the things that can cause problems such as thumb sucking behaviours and high sugar diets. Check out our page

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