About Smiles East Gardens and Zetland welcomes Dr Michelle Pinto

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Dr Michelle Pinto will be joining our About Smiles Team in June.

“Your smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear everyday” That’s Dr Michelle’s motto.

She understands that when you’re embarrassed about your smile, it feels like you are not living your best life. And it’s not just about the way you look, it’s about the way you feel.

She’s always believed this, and that’s why she’s always smiling. Dr Michelle is here to help you feel good about your smile. Originally hailing from Brazil, where she completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery, smiling is essential to their culture, she loves dancing, meeting new people and just enjoying life and part of that includes having a beautiful smile.

Dr Michelle’s other passion is digital dentistry, and before coming to work at About Smiles, she worked for some of the worlds leading digital dentistry companies training other dentists on how to use this technology. How great’s that!

“We’re fortunate enough to live in a time where digital technology plays a big part in helping us create beautiful smiles more predictably & more comfortably.”

She is excited to work at About Smiles, a practice that has not only committed to investing in the best digital dentistry has to offer but is also as committed to their patient’s confidence in their smile as she is.