Cosmetic Dental Treatments: All About It

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Cosmetic dentistry is often seen as unnecessary, but more often, there’s more to it than just getting a better smile. Not taking care of a dental issue early on can lead to an emergency later, and many cosmetic issues may have deeper health implications. Let’s look at cosmetic dentistry and how it can improve oral health.

Cosmetic dentistry versus general dentistry

Most people are familiar with general dentistry and know that a dentist can repair and fix your teeth. Dentists fill cavities and give you bi-annual checkups and regular cleanings to prevent tooth decay and health problems.

Cosmetic dentistry looks at things differently. Cosmetic dental treatments focus on the aesthetic look of the teeth, the aspect that gives you a beautiful, white smile. The first thing people think of is teeth whitening, which is certainly a part of it, but beyond the gorgeous smile, Sydney’s cosmetic dentists are still looking at the health of your teeth.

The health benefits of cosmetic dentistry

Oral diseases, serious dental concerns and other underlying mouth issues can affect our overall health. They can create digestive and respiratory health issues and may impact your eating habits. Cosmetic dentists look to address, assess and fix these issues, positively impacting your oral health. Correcting a crooked or crowded smile with cosmetic dentistry may also improve a patient’s well-being, confidence and self-esteem, as people are often overly conscious about flashing a bad tooth or wonky grin.

Here are some of the treatments our cosmetic dentists offer in Sydney:

  • Teeth whitening

There are many over-the-counter whitening solutions available, but these just scratch the tooth’s surface. Many of these solutions also contain an abrasive that tends to scrape away at the enamel of your teeth, damaging them and opening them up to cavities.

To properly whiten your teeth and enjoy the long-term benefits, you need to visit the best cosmetic dentists in Sydney — and you’ll find them right here at About Smiles. Our cosmetic dentists in Sydney use a professional solution that is less abrasive than at-home whitening kits, and they take care to protect your gums. The treatment is 100% safe for your teeth, and our team will show you a solid DIY solution to keep your pearly whites bright while at home.

  • Veneers

Veneers are a fantastic long-term solution that can change the shape of your teeth, lengthen them if needed, and close gaps between them. Veneers can also protect the enamel of your teeth, keeping them healthy and strong.

Our cosmetic dentists in Sydney offer two types of veneers. Our porcelain veneers place a thin porcelain coating over your teeth, protecting them and keeping them looking polished and clean. These can last for up to 15 years. As part of our suite of cosmetic dental treatments, we also have composite veneers that last from 4 to 8 years. These veneers are a great option if you’re looking to try them for the first time.

  • Invisalign

If your teeth are overcrowded, crooked or you have a gap between them, Invisalign may be a fantastic solution for you. Invisalign is similar to braces but remains undetectable, so you can have the freedom of straight teeth without the metal in your mouth. Our cosmetic dentists can provide you with clear aligners that help straighten your teeth, and they can be removed for easy eating and cleaning.

  • Implants

An implant is a fantastic way to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. They are permanent fixtures and, after they are placed, feel very similar to your natural teeth. You can fill the gap and protect your jawbone with an implant.

As the best cosmetic dentists in Sydney, we can place a titanium rod in your jawbone and then put a crown on top, replacing the root of the tooth and the tooth itself to give you a permanent solution that removes any gaps.

If you’re looking at the possibility of getting dentures, we can do that with our implants. Our All on 4 solution allows you to get four individual implants and a full set of crowns placed on top, replacing all your teeth as needed.

  • Smile makeover

Sometimes, your mouth just needs a little pick-me-up, and we can help you with our smile makeover. After consulting with one of our cosmetic dentists in Sydney, the two of you can put together a cosmetic treatment plan that best fits your needs. Whether you need teeth whitening, an implant, a straightening treatment, or anything in between, our dentists can get you started on the best cosmetic dental treatment plan!

Allow the best cosmetic dentists in Sydney to improve your smile and self-confidence

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in the Sydney area, About Smiles is your best choice. Our skilled and experienced cosmetic dentists are some of the best in the area, and with three different locations, we can help you find a dentist closest to your home.

Having a procedure or treatment doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. Take the next step in your oral health journey, and contact us today to book your cosmetic dental treatment.